Nevada Supreme Court Considering Requiring Yearly CLE in Substance Abuse, Addictive Disorders and/or Mental Health Issues

A recent article in the Las Vegas Sun reported that 1 in 5 would-be lawyers in Nevada has had substance-abuse problems. Reported rates of substance abuse among those applying to practice law in Nevada as well as disciplinary cases involving abuse, addiction or mental health problems echo concerns that are often expressed about the legal profession nation-wide; such issues are experienced at a disturbingly high rate among lawyers and judges. In response, the Nevada Supreme Court is considering a requirement that an hour CLE each year be on substance abuse, addictive disorders and/or mental health issues. The hearing on this petition is set for November 5th and the court is inviting comments from judges, lawyers and the public by November 1st at 5 p.m. Click here for more information on the amendments to Nevada Supreme Court Rule 210 and how to submit comments.

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