CoLAP’s Senior Lawyers Committee to Present a CLE Webinar on Aging Lawyers and Cognitive Impairment

Title: Grey Matters: Perspectives on Aging Lawyers and Cognitive Impairment

When: August 21st at 1:00 p.m EST


It happens every day and is increasing with the aging of the legal population. Lawyers who were once sharp as a tack and never missed a step begin to stumble through simple thoughts, can’t find the right words and begin to mentally wander. What do you do when a lawyer begins to exhibit signs of cognitive impairment? What are your responsibilities to the firm, its clients and the lawyer? What resources are available to guide your decision-making and find help? This program draws upon experts from lawyer assistance programs, the mental health community, lawyer discipline and professional liability to analyze the impact of cognitive impairment from multiple perspectives and give practical direction for lawyers and judges who are faced with a colleague who shows signs of age-related impairment.

Who should attend this program: Lawyers in all settings who have interactions with older lawyers as partners, co-counsel, opposing counsel or friends. Judges who have older lawyers appearing before them at all stages of litigation and older colleagues on the bench.

Attendees will learn:

  • The difference between being a little absent-minded and exhibiting cognitive impairment;
  • Signs to watch out for when dealing with a lawyer who may be experiencing cognitive impairment;
  • The resources available from state and local lawyer assistance programs;
  • The risks of disciplinary action when failing to address problems of cognitive impairment; and
  • The exposure to malpractice when cognitively impaired lawyers continue to practice.

Details and registration are posted here.

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