New App for Recovering Alcoholics

A new app called the Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS) is designed to help recovering alcoholics in the time they may need it most – after treatment. The 24/7 app connects the person in recovery to others in recovery and counselors, helps the user find support meetings, sends daily motivational thoughts and provides links to resources like podcasts on relevant topics such as “Dealing with Urges.” The person in recovery is able to personalize the app so that it knows potential places of weakness, such as a bar or liquor store. With that information the GPS feature will “ping” the user if they get too close in order to intervene before a relapse occurs, with messages such as “Is this where you want to be?” Another feature is its life preserver icon, which acts as a panic button and sends a message to the user’s pre-determined support system requesting that someone reach out. While the user waits, the app provides supportive resources as well as sends reminders of the user’s personal recovery goals. The University of Wisconsin–Madison, the developer of A-CHESS, conducted a randomized trial on the app and the findings were published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry; overall the results show that the app contributed to abstinence.

For The Daily Beast article on the A-CHESS app, click here.
For the CNET article, click here.

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