The Consumer Guide to Adolescent Treatment

Thomas McLellan was a research psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania before serving as the Senior Scientist for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Unfortunately, McLellan’s expertise on the subject extends beyond his professional endeavors and into his home, losing his youngest son to an overdose and having his oldest son in treatment for addiction.

Recognizing the need for better direction on treatment, McLellan, through the Treatment Research Institute, developed the Consumer Guide to Adolescent Treatment. The guide enables parents to be informed when deciding where to send children struggling with addiction. After years of reviewing programs and literature – and even receiving training on comparative reviews by Consumer Reports – the team developed a list of 10 features of “quality programs.” The results are all available via the website where visitors can search by feature or zip code to access comparative information of existing programs and see where they rank in each of the 10 features.

The pilot program will launch this spring in Philadelphia only, but plans are being made to expand to Pennsylvania and then to the entire nation.

To access the NBC News article, click here.

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