Looking for ways to increase your happiness?

The Science of Happiness: The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley is offering a free 8-week online course designed to “explore the roots of a happy and meaningful life.” According to the Center’s website, the course will provide:

• Short videos featuring the co-instructors and guest lectures from top experts on the science of happiness;
• Articles and other readings that make the science accessible and understandable to non-academics;
• Weekly “happiness practices”—real-world exercises that students can try on their own, all based on research linking these practices to greater happiness;
• Tests, quizzes, polls, and a weekly “emotion check-in” that help students gauge their happiness and track their progress over time; and
• Discussion boards where students can share ideas with one another and submit questions to their instructor.

The course starts September 9, 2014 – you can register here.

100 Happy Days: Participants are challenged to share a picture of something them makes them happy every day, for 100 days. It invites people to notice what makes them happy, realize how lucky they really are and appreciate the moment they’re in. At the end of the challenge, participants receive a little book of their 100 happy moments to serve as a reminder of the good times.

Take on the 100 Happy Days challenge here.

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