NWLawyer Magazine Features Mindfulness and the Law

The Washington State Bar Association’s recent edition of NWLawyer features mindfulness and the law. Generally, mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment and focusing your complete attention and awareness on the present. Advocates of mindfulness say it offers a range of physical and emotional benefits, such as stress management, and that it contributes to a more satisfying life.

In the article, “Making the Case for Mindfulness and the Law,” author Rhonda V. Magee describes the emergence of mindfulness within the legal community and its expansion over the past decade through CLE, retreats and law school offerings. She offers reasons why lawyers specifically should practice it, and ends by challenging the reader to give it a shot for 8 days.

The President’s Corner segment of the magazine also feature mindfulness, with a piece by WSBA president Patrick A. Palace titled, “Focusing on the Present.” Palace writes that being “mindful leader” requires pausing and taking the time to make conscious choices – acting instead of simply reacting.

To access the NWLawyer articles on mindfulness and the law, click here.

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