New Book for Lawyers in Recovery — The Lawyer’s Light

The ABA has just published, The Lawyer’s Light: Daily Meditations for Growth and Recovery, by Kevin Chandler and sponsored by the Senior Lawyers Division and the Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP). Here’s what people are saying about this book:

“Kevin Chandler’s book brings a reflective resource to our legal profession. His work is welcomed and will be quoted and referenced for years to come. Lawyer’s Light is an ideal gift for attorneys in and beyond early recovery or adding insight and inspiration to any lawyer’s briefcase.”
– Bill Kane, Director
New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

“For the lawyer who finds him or herself in the double bind of living the complicated and demanding life of the law and having also been visited by that all too human condition known as alcoholism or addiction, Kevin Chandler has given us a tool that we can use to deal with this dilemma and help untie the knots and loosen the ropes.

Mr. Chandler has taken quotes from 233 separate lawyers, jurists and great civic figures as diverse as Tertullian to Rose Kennedy, Thurgood Marshall to Lord Chesterfield and come up with a year’s worth of meditations on each for the recovering lawyer. It’s a gift in the 11th Step tradition of recovery that helps one not only live, work and thrive as a sober lawyer, but also be a better friend, spouse, parent, child and human being. What a gift.”
– Andy Branham, Executive Director
Counsel On Call

Visit the ABA Web Store to purchase The Lawyer’s Light.

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