LAPs in the News

Wyoming Lawyer Assistance Program (WYLAP):
In a segment called “Wyoming Program Assists Lawyers With Alcohol Abuse, Depression,” on the recent launch of the Wyoming Lawyer Assistance Program, KCWY13 News interviews WYLAP Board Member John Masterson, and Casper, WY attorney Dallas Laird. In the video, the two offer insight on why the legal community especially needs the program – citing the Wyoming State Bar Life Satisfaction Survey which found that over 60 percent of Wyoming lawyers experience unhealthy amounts of stress – and explain that WYLAP is a safe and stigma-free place for struggling attorneys to proactively seek help.

Watch the video here.

Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP):
KYLAP was recently featured in the Business Lexington article, “Trend in Lawyer Suicides Leads to Action in Legal Community,” which includes quotes from Yvette Hourigan, executive director of KYLAP, and John Meyers, executive director of the Kentucky Bar Association (KBA). Concerned with the high rates of lawyer depression and suicide in Kentucky, the KBA and KYLAP have “stepped up to curb the alarming trend.” Hourigan and Meyers explain the unique pressures lawyers face, how the job market and student loan debt contribute to the problem and how KYLAP and the KBA are addressing the issue through programming and outreach.

Read the article here.

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