How to Get Away (Even While Still in the Office)

We previously posted an invite to join the webinar, “How to Vacation as a Lawyer,” hosted by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. If you missed it (hopefully while on vacation) or if you just want a reminder that yes, you can and should take some time off, visit the Law Technology Today (LTT) blog where the Center has posted the full webinar video.

Access the webinar video here.

Can’t get out of the office just yet? Try Yoga for Lawyers: Mind-Body Techniques to Feel Better All the Time, by Hallie N. Love and Nathalie Martin. Specifically geared towards attorneys to relieve stress, this book is filled with office-friendly versions of yoga poses and meditations like the “Desk Dog,” a play off the Downward Dog.

Purchase Yoga for Lawyers in the ABA Web Store here.

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