ABA “Law Practice” Publication Dedicated to Work-Life Balance

The November/December 2014 issue of Law Practice from the ABA Law Practice Division features articles on work-life balance.

In the cover story, “From Workaholism to Work-Life Balance,” the authors explain how workaholism is more complex than many other addictions because it is rewarded in the workplace and its behaviors encouraged – what starts off as reward-seeking ultimately leads to compromise and burnout. But, by changing the way you measure success and by making your career a calling, you can make work more balanced and meaningful.

“Life Balance for the Millennial Lawyer” discusses how the millennial generation of lawyers has the potential to lead the charge in a cultural shift toward life balance.

“Get Out of the Office” explains how to efficiently and effectively work from home to increase happiness and achieve more work-life flexibility.

“On-The-Job Support for Attorneys with Children” discusses ten things law firm management can do to help lawyers strike a balance between their careers and parenting.

Access the November/December 2014 issue of Law Practice here.

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