Report on Mental Health Survey at Yale Law

A recent report out of Yale Law School titled, “Falling Through the Cracks” shows that 70% of respondents to the school’s Mental Health Alliance survey have struggled with mental health issues at some point while in law school. The survey represents 296 students out of the approximate 650 who are enrolled. Out of those who reported a mental health challenge, 77% responded that they considered seeking treatment, but only 62% actually did. Among the various reasons for not seeking treatment were a lack of trust in Yale Health’s mental health and counseling services and confidentiality policies, long wait times for services, and exclusion from faculty, administrators, peers and state bar associations. The Report recommends ways to address Yale’s limitations in access to health care as well as suggests ways to destigmatize mental illness such as through increased programming.

For more on the Report, see this Yale Daily News article.

Access the full Report through Scribd.

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