Attention All Law Schools: March 27th is Mental Health and Wellness Day

March 27th is Law School Mental Health and Wellness Day. Whether you are a student, student leader, faculty, staff or health care provider working with one or more law schools, we urge you to ensure that this day and week are recognized at your law school. Below are several opportunities ready-made for you to engage your law school community:

The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs has released a Toolkit providing advice and resources on numerous issues related to health and wellness.

The Dave Nee Foundation is offering a webinar on Wednesday, March 11 at 2 PM EST covering best practices for hosting events and online screenings in conjunction with Law Student Mental Health Day. Dr. Katherine Bender from the Dave Nee Foundation and Joanna Karbel from Screening for Mental Health will be providing ideas for hosting and promoting your screening, while also sharing ideas for other programs to offer during that week. Click here to register for the March 11 webinar .

Thanks to Screening for Mental Health, all law students will have access to online mental health screenings from March 22nd – April 6th. Your law school can opt in by clicking here. By opting-in, law schools will be assigned a unique URL and will be able to gain data about the students at their law school. Join the 30+ law schools who have already opted in for free access to a mood and anxiety disorder screening.

Finally, the ABA Law Student Division Mental Health Initiative offers its support and additional resources.

Please take a moment today to ensure that your law school community is engaged with one or more activities and to share what you are doing on the Facebook Community started by the Dave Nee Foundation, Law Student Commons. And Tweet your experiences at #lawstudentmentalhealthday!

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