Wyoming Lawyer Magazine Features Mental Health and Addiction

In case you missed it, the Wyoming Lawyer Magazine dedicated their February 2015 issue to “Finding tranquility in a turbulent profession.” Features include:

• Addiction and Attorneys: Confronting the Denial
by Timothy D. Edwards and Gregory J. Van Rybroek

• The Lawyer’s Light: Daily Meditations for Growth and Recovery
by Kevin Chandler (reprinted from an ABA book sponsored by the ABA
Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and Senior Lawyers Division)

• One Lawyer’s Journey Through Depression
by Dan T. Lukasik

• How Can the Wyoming Professional Assistance Program Help You?
by Candice Cochran

• Finding Your Way
by John Ordiway

• Stress Management for Lawyers: An Ounce of Prevention…
by Martha D. Burkett

Access the February 2015 Issue of Wyoming Lawyer from the Wyoming State Bar here.

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