Two Note-Worthy Articles in The Bar Examiner

The December issue of The Bar Examiner, a publication of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, features two note-worthy articles.

First, the cover story titled, “Helping Law Students Get the Help They Need: An Analysis of Data Regarding Law Students’ Reluctance to Seek Help and Policy Recommendations for a Variety of Stakeholders,” shares results from the Survey of Law Student Well-Being, the first survey to assess alcohol and drug use among law students since 1991. Authors David B. Jaffe (former CoLAP Commission member and current CoLAP Advisory Committee member), Jerome M. Organ and Katherine M. Bender administered the survey with grants from the ABA Enterprise Fund and the Dave Nee Foundation and sponsorship in-part from CoLAP.

The issue also features the article, “Lawyer Assistance Programs: Advocating for a Systems Approach to Health and Wellness for Law Students and Legal Professionals,” by CoLAP Commission member, Linda Albert. The article recommends that we endorse health and well-being at the same level of importance as professional responsibility, and offers a detailed background of LAPs and their many services. It also discusses the collaborative research project between CoLAP and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation on the prevalence of substance abuse and mental illness among attorneys; publication of results is slated for the January/February 2016 issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

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