Florida Bar Journal Focuses on Mindfulness

The April 2016 issue of The Florida Bar Journal is dedicated to Mindfulness. Following a President’s Page titled, “Pressure!” this special issue is filled with articles and resources on mindfulness, including:

  • Mindfulness in Law and the Importance of Practice, by Scott Rogers
  • Mindfulness Resources
  • The Art of Being Mindful in the Legal World: A Challenge for Our Times, by Judge Alan S. Gold
  • Mindfulness on the Bench
  • The Return on Investment from My Study and Practice of Mindfulness, by Paul Steven Singerman
  • Mindfulness: Attorney Perspective and Tips
  • Mindfulness: Staying in the Now, by Michael Cohen
  • “If You Plant Corn, You Get Corn”: On Mindfulness and Racial Justice in Florida and Beyond, by Rhonda V. Magee

Access the issue here.

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