The Struggle: A New Series from Above the Law

Above the Law has created a new series called “The Struggle” which posts real stories, submitted through emails and messages, about law student experiences with substance use and mental health issues. So far, the following stories have been released as part of the series:

  • When Law School Gives You An Eating Disorder
  • Two Suicides In Two Months At The Same Law School
  • Will Alcoholism Treatment Affect Your Character And Fitness Review?
  • Law School’s Downward Spiral And The ‘Shredding Of Your Self-Worth’
  • Sex, Drugs, And Slitting Your Wrists In Law School
  • Law Students Suffer From High Rates Of Depression And Binge Drinking

About the series, Above the Law writes, “We are posting these stories because sometimes what law students really need is to know that they’re not alone in their pain. Sometimes what law students need is to know that they’ve got a friend who is willing to share not just in their triumphs, but also in their struggles.” Access “The Struggle” from Above the Law here.


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