State Bar of New Mexico Offers “Tip of the Month”

Back in July, the New Mexico Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program launched a “Tip of the Month” series in the State Bar of New Mexico Bar Bulletin that aims to “explore tools for healthy living.” In introducing the series, State Bar President J. Brent Moore states, “While recent research confirms that legal professionals experience significantly high rates of alcohol and other drug abuse, depression and anxiety, research also shows we can reduce our individual risk and build fulfilling careers and personal lives by practicing self-care and improving our emotional resilience.”  Access the “Tips” provided thus far below:

July: Stress Reduction for Busy Lawyers

August: Strategies to Improve Health and Increase Satisfaction

September: Resilience: A Stepping Stone to Success and Satisfaction

October: Gratitude

This is a great example of how a bar association can encourage the profession to live well.

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