New “Mailbag” Column to Address Attorney Mental Health and Substance Use

Patrick Krill – strategic advisor to law firms on addiction and mental health problems, and former director of a treatment program for attorneys, judges and law students at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – is taking your questions.

In, “Let’s Address the Elephant in the Law Firm,” Krill introduces a new bi-weekly “mailbag” column and invites readers to email him their questions to which Krill will respond (with pseudonyms, of course) in subsequent columns. In initiating this “candid” discussion, Krill hopes to “educate, motivate, demystify, and destigmatize”

Krill co-authored the 2016 ABA CoLAP/Hazelden study which revealed (or for many, confirmed) that the legal profession is struggling with mental health issues and substance use disorders at rates far higher than the general population and other professions.

Access the LAW.COM Column here.



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