Free Recording of Resilience Webinar Now Available

The ABA webinar, “Fierce & Gritty: Resilience Training for Lawyers,” aired on December 19, 2016. A free recording of that program is now available to view – spread the word!

As a reminder, here is the program description: As lawyers, many people depend on us to be at our best. This includes our clients, who depend on us to guide, help, and protect them. It also includes our families and friends, for whom we want to be our best selves. Developing resilience is critical for lawyers to maintain fitness to practice and to avoid running afoul of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct or applicable state rules. We need to be able to bounce back quickly from setbacks, face challenges with a positive perspective, and feel energized rather than depleted. Fortunately, resilience is a collection of competencies that can be developed. This webinar will provide a general overview of how to build resilience, including strategies taught by the U.S. Army to soldiers in combat.

Access the free version of “Fierce & Gritty: Resilience Training for Lawyers” here.

Find more information, including sponsorship and speakers, here.

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