Recognizing Rick Allan, Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program

Rick Allan, who served as the director of the Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program (NLAP) since it first formed in 1996, retired from his position this summer. NLAP “offers help to all licensed lawyers, judges and law students troubled by substance abuse problems, cognitive decline, stress, depression and other types of disorders which may impair their ability to perform in a competent and professional manner.” Rick’s legacy is celebrated throughout the state and throughout the national LAP community.

From, “Saying Goodbye to an NLAP Institution,” in the Nebraska State Bar Association publication, The Nebraska Lawyer:

“After 21 years as the Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program’s Director, serving more than 2000 impaired Nebraska lawyers and being on-call 24/7 for lawyers in need of immediate assistance, Rick Allan is finally taking some time for himself. Rick, who has been the Director of NLAP since its inception in 1996, is retiring from his position this summer.” Read full article.

From, “The NLAP Legacy,” written by Hon. Joseph F. Bataillon, President of the Nebraska State Bar Association:

“He made NLAP one of the finest lawyers’ assistance programs in the country. He recruited a core cadre of lawyers who assist our impaired sisters and brothers, their families, clients, the courts and the public. He expanded NLAP to provide assistance to lawyers facing any type of issue that impairs their ability to practice, including cognitive decline, stress, depression, and more.” Read full article.

Learn about what led Rick to his involvement with NLAP, as well as about problem drinking by lawyers in general, in the Omaha World-Herald article, “Kelly: Alcoholism among lawyers is ‘a lot more serious than people understand.’”

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