In Remembrance of Michael Cohen

Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., and CoLAP said a final goodbye to a valued and beloved member of both organizations. Michael Cohen passed away on October 18, 2017, after a lengthy illness which seldom prevented him from doing the work he loved. He was the Executive Director of the Florida program for twenty-two years and an active member of CoLAP during that time. While he served on a number of committees, he is probably best known for his work as part of the Program Evaluation Committee, which played a significant part in the formation of many new or struggling programs.

He shared his own recovery freely and provided hope and encouragement to many lawyers who were discouraged about their careers and their personal lives. As a lawyer friend of Michael posted on Facebook, “There are lawyers who are alive today, who are practicing today, who are not in jail today, who owe everything they are today to the existence of Michael Cohen.”

He left his mark on many individuals and on the organizations he served with such passion. He will be missed and remembered, and the work of FLA and CoLAP will continue.

Post written by Judith R. Rushlow, Executive Director, Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc.




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