The Florida Bar Journal Focuses on Mental Health and Wellness

This month’s The Florida Bar Journal is dedicated to mental health and wellness, and in addition to a column by the Florida Bar President, Michael J. Higer, titled, “Recognizing We Have a Problem: The Mental Health and Wellness of Lawyers,” the issue includes the following features:

  • Introduction: Mental Health and Wellness – Destigmatizing the Discussion and Promoting Solutions, by Dori Foster-Morales, Guest Editor
  • What Do the Statistics About Lawyer Alcohol Use and Mental Health Problems Really Mean? By Patrick Krill
  • The Reality of High-Functioning Substance Abuse Among Lawyers, by Lisa Smith
  • Vulnerability is a Good Thing, by Brian Cuban
  • The Surprising Master Key to Happiness and Satisfaction According to the Lawyer Research, by Lawrence Krieger
  • Florida Lawyers Assistance: Saving Lives and Legal Careers, by Scott M. Weinstein
  • Mindfulness, Mental Health, and the Life of the Lawyer, by Scott Rogers
  • The Lawyer Well-Being Starter Kit: 10 Tools and Strategies for Legal Employers, by Anne Brafford

Read the full January 2018 issue of The Florida Bar Journal here.


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