Law School Mental Health Day Moves to Oct. 10

The ABA Law Student Division has officially moved Law School Mental Health Day to October 10.

In recognition of Law School Mental Health Day, the American University Washington College of Law will host a YouTube Live event featuring Laurie Besden, Pennsylvania Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Executive Director, who is in recovery with an incredible story to share.

The session will run live from 2:00-3:00pm Eastern and then be available for replay. The YouTube link is A full description:

To Hell and Back: One Lawyer’s Path to Recovery. A YouTube Live Presentation

Laurie had a privileged upbringing.  She graduated college with a 3.97 GPA, and was in the top 15% of her law school class. On paper, Laurie is the definition of success. Laurie is also a drug addict…

Listen as Laurie candidly shares her story of crippling addiction, and ultimately, redemption. Learn how the District Attorney approached the case and her current thoughts about it. Understand what it is like to be approached by a caring individual, with their experience strength and hope, even when you are not ready to accept your state of affairs. It is never too early or late to plant “the seed of hope”.

This session will move you. Please share widely.



For those of you participating in or planning events on or around October 10, please share with #LawStudentWellness.

ABA CoLAP has resources for law students and law schools available on its website here, including the “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Toolkit for Law Students and Those Who Care About Them,” and the first two-part episode in the “Path to Law Student Well-Being” podcast series.

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