Wellness Wednesday: You’re not an impostor.

Ethical Grounds

Regular readers know that I find it difficult to embrace winter.  As a card-carrying member of No Shoes Nation, the season does little for my “wellness.”

See the source image

Indeed, my favorite winter was 2016.  It’s the year I ran the Surf City Marathon, collected this swag

Surf City.jpg

then spent a few days with this view.

San Diego

Last weekend, however, I decided to give winter a try.  So, on a fantastically sunny Saturday, I ventured to Trapp Family Lodge for my first attempt at cross-country skiing in nearly 30 years.

Let’s leave it at this: it’ll be quite a while until I’m mistaken for a competent skier.

I ran into Liz & Eric Miller in the parking lot. I should have hired them on the spot.  That way, my follies that followed would forever remain confidential & privileged.

Which gets me to the point of today’s post.

On the trails, I’m an impostor.  In the…

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