The Path to Well-Being in Law Podcast – Listen Now!

Are you someone who is involved in the lawyer well-being initiative or interested in becoming involved? The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being recently started a fantastic new podcast you might enjoy! With its first episode in August 2020, The Path to Well-Being in Law podcast introduces listeners to amazing people who are doing vital work in the well-being space. Co-hosts Bree Buchanan and Chris Newbold are two inspiring leaders responsible for starting a culture shift in the legal profession. In their lively discussions with recognized advocates in the field, Bree and Chris continue to shape the conversation around this increasingly important topic. 

Learn more and find all episodes here:

One to two episodes are being recorded each month, so look for more over time.

Additionally, the podcast is available through any of your favorite podcast apps:

Stitcher | Apple Podcasts|Google Podcasts | Podbean | Spotify

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