Mental Health Resources for February

Black History Month is officially underway! We love this NAMI article by Dempris Gasque, about what Black History Month means to him. He says, “As an African American/Black man, I would like to be respected for my strength and tenacity in moving forward and progressing in a way that I choose. And my choice has been to develop a wellness recovery action plan that allows me to champion and advocate for mental health reform.”

Additionally, the Mindfulness in Law Society is partnering with the National Black Law Students Association to host a series of anti-racism events this year. The first Zoom event, “Why Do You Care About My Hair?,” is February 11th from 12 – 1pm ET. Natural hair in the legal workplace will be the topic of discussion. Additional resources and the registration link can be found here.

Of course, February 14th marks Valentine’s Day. A day meant to focus on love but which may stir up a range of emotions within you, whether single, partnered, or anything in between. This Talkspace blog post has a lot of great insight on how to make it a great day for your mental health. (There’s also a promo code provided: $80 Off using code GOAL.)

The February bar exam will take place later this month. COLAP has partnered with the ABA’s Law Student Division to compile this excellent list of Essential Mental Health, Physical Health, and Wellness Resources for Bar Exam Prep. We wish all exam-takers some well-earned luck (and rest)!

And finally, while it may seem like the traumas of January are behind us, one thing is especially hard to forget in our community. The death of Representative Jamie Raskin’s son, Tommy, a law student at Harvard, was shocking and heartbreaking. As this article poignantly points out, Tommy himself shed some light on the paradox of “why a young man with so much promise, so much passion, and so much support around him could die from a depression that led him to suicide.”

“It’s hard to be a human.” 

Please share the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) with your colleagues, classmates, friends, siblings, children, or parents. Find additional resources here. And have the conversation with someone you’re concerned about.

Let’s keep trying to spread a little hope and peace in 2021.

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