The Institute for Well-Being in Law seeks your participation in its first-ever study on burnout

From Bree Buchanan, President of the Institute for Well-Being in Law and Immediate Past Chair of the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs:


The Institute for Well-Being in Law, thanks to the amazing work of our VP Anne Brafford, is conducting the first ever, widely distributed burnout survey for lawyers and staff! We are respectfully asking that you help us in two ways:

1. Take the survey yourself; here it is in an imbedded LINK

Here’s the URL:

2. Forward this to all your lawyer and staff contacts, as well as legal organizations that may be willing to publicize it. You can forward the links above or copy/paste the email from Anne below. To get the best data, we need as many participants as possible.

Important – deadline for taking the study is April 16!

I was able to finish the survey in about 10 minutes. Thank you so much for contributing to the ever-expanding body of knowledge about lawyer well-being!


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