Well-Being Week in Law – Thank You!

Thank you for following CoLAP last week as we participated in Well-Being Week in Law! For our rockstar well-being coordinators across the profession, there’s an entire event planned this week, just for you. 

For the full calendar of events, go to https://lawyerwellbeing.net/after-party/.

Out of respect for everyone’s Zoom fatigue, ideas for participating include readings, resources, and pre-recorded videos, in addition to a few live webinars. Programming will focus on organizational practices proven by science to have a substantial impact on workplace well-being. 

Please remember, addressing well-being in the legal profession is a year-round engagement – COLAP and your state LAPs are always here to help! 

Well-Being Week in Law – Day 5 – Feel Well!

Day 5 – It’s ok to not be ok!

It’s the last day of Well-Being Week in Law – how are you feeling?

Your emotional well-being is about learning how to identify, manage, AND value your emotions. Taking these steps can help all lawyers achieve goals and make more informed decisions.

The last ABA webinar of the week is “Changing the Headlines: Combating Lawyer Loneliness One Step at a Time,” from 1 – 2:00pm ET. You can register for this event here: https://www.americanbar.org/events-cle/mtg/web/411848289/

If not addressed, lawyer loneliness can spiral into depression, anxiety, and substance abuse as a means to cope. Learn tools that enable you to build more meaningful, high-quality #relationships in your personal and professional lives.

Well-Being Week in Law – Day 4 – Connect!

An important part of well-being is your social well-being. Enjoying a true sense of belonging in our personal and professional communities helps us thrive socially as we connect with others.

Today’s fantastic ABA webinar is “Next Level Diversity: Why ‘Belonging’ is What Attorneys Really Want” from 1 – 2:30pm ET. This program offers a new way to approach diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives by acknowledging how belonging and well-being are inextricably linked.

Register here: https://www.americanbar.org/events-cle/mtg/web/411747671/

Well-Being Week in Law – Day 3 – Engage and Grow!

Well-Being Week in Law – May 3-7, 2021

Let’s engage and grow together on this 3rd day of Well-Being Week in Law! Career and intellectual well-being mean that we celebrate seeking personal satisfaction, continuous learning and growth, as well as financial stability.

Join today’s ABA webinar “Empower Yourself: Strategies for Practicing Law in Stressful Times” from 1:00 – 2:00pm ET. Learn coping mechanisms to support a flourishing career and tips to manage anxiety, embrace challenges, and learn from failure.

Register here: https://www.americanbar.org/events-cle/mtg/web/411746650/

Well-Being Week in Law – Day 2 – Align!

Day 2 of Well-Being Week in Law focuses on your spiritual well-being. The goal today, and every day, is to cultivate a sense of meaning and purpose in work and life. Let’s align our work and lives with our values, goals, and interests.

To learn more about how inner alignment can support your well-being and lift up your daily experience of practicing #law, check out this ABA webinar today from 1 – 2:30pm ET: “It Doesn’t Have to be a Grind: How to Create a Practice You Love.”

Register here: https://www.americanbar.org/events-cle/mtg/web/411742372/

Well-Being Week in Law – Stay Strong!

Day 1 of Well-Being Week in Law encourages you to focus on your physical well-being. Exercise has many life-changing benefits, but most legal professionals know how difficult it can be to get outside during a busy day. Have you tried desk yoga? Download the activity plan below, and visit lawyerwellbeing.net for more information on how you can make the most of Well-Being Week in Law

Buchanan and Krill respond to criticism of lawyer well-being programs

Facing recent and continued criticisms, well-being advocates Bree Buchanan and Patrick Krill respond with powerful thoughts in a recent Law360 article on the importance of LAPs in the legal community. From life-saving initiatives to destigmatizing mental health, the services of LAPs undoubtedly play a vital and positive role in moving our culture forward. 

Denise Perme, manager of the D.C. Bar’s LAP, reiterates a pure and simple mission – “Our message is, ‘We are here if you need and want help with something.'”

CoLAP continues to fully support the initiatives of each and every state LAP and thanks you for your continued engagement in the well-being movement.

You can read the full article here.

What’s your plan for Well-Being Week in Law?

May – and Mental Health Awareness month – is just around the corner! The Institute for Well-Being in Law (a recently formed non-profit charitable organization that evolved from the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being) is planning another robust and exciting Well-Being Week in Law (WWIL) next week.

Between May 3 – 7, all legal professionals are invited to coordinate or participate in local activities. Don’t forget to include your family, friends, and colleagues in these inclusive community events!

What’s your plan for Well-Being Week in Law?

Here’s the simple breakdown for each day next week:

                Monday – Physical Well-Being

                Tuesday – Spiritual Well-Being

                Wednesday – Career Well-Being

                Thursday – Social Well-Being

                Friday – Emotional Well-Being

If you’re an individual looking to get involved, check out this resources page.

For organizations – law firms, corporate legal departments, government entities, bar associations, or others – these resources were specifically compiled for you.

Infographics, logos, daily social media posts, and a calendar are available for easy and quick download on this page. Please post about your experience using the hashtag #WellBeingWeekInLaw and follow COLAP as we participate in the week’s events:



Twitter: @ABACoLAP

Lastly, for all well-being coordinators (those building a well-being program for a law firm or other type of legal employer), SAVE THE DATE for the week of May 17 for the After Party. Until then, learn more here.

If you’re in need of general resources for well-being planning purposes all year, you can find benchmark reports, policy templates, and more here.

The path to reforming the ABA standards to promote law student well-being

Dean Janet Stearns of the University of Miami School of Law and Ayat Nizam, 3L and Dual JD and Class President of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and Chair of the ABA Law Student Division have written an article detailing the important work being done to revise the ABA Standards and Rules for Approval of Law Schools to address critical issues of law student well-being. As the authors note, “The time for law schools to fear, stigmatize and place barriers around mental health is no more. Now is the time to bring these issues to light, openly and proudly, with the support of the ABA.”

You can read their article on the ABA for Law Students blog.

The Institute for Well-Being in Law seeks your participation in its first-ever study on burnout

From Bree Buchanan, President of the Institute for Well-Being in Law and Immediate Past Chair of the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs:


The Institute for Well-Being in Law, thanks to the amazing work of our VP Anne Brafford, is conducting the first ever, widely distributed burnout survey for lawyers and staff! We are respectfully asking that you help us in two ways:

1. Take the survey yourself; here it is in an imbedded LINK

Here’s the URL: https://lawyerwellbeing.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Recruitment-Communication-to-Legal-Employers-w-Link.pdf

2. Forward this to all your lawyer and staff contacts, as well as legal organizations that may be willing to publicize it. You can forward the links above or copy/paste the email from Anne below. To get the best data, we need as many participants as possible.

Important – deadline for taking the study is April 16!

I was able to finish the survey in about 10 minutes. Thank you so much for contributing to the ever-expanding body of knowledge about lawyer well-being!