Upcoming Events

Bullying by and of Lawyers: Why It Happens and What to Do About It?

CoLAP is co-sponsoring this upcoming CLE webinar. The program description is as follows:

An expert panel explains why bullying is a persistent problem in the bar and on the bench, examines its effects on its victims and perpetrators, and speaks from experience about the best ways to deflect, neutralize or overcome bullying conduct by other lawyers, clients, or judges, with a special emphasis on bullying of women lawyers. The panel includes practitioners, a psychologist with expertise in lawyer behavior, a judge who has developed judicial professionalism programs, and a former state bar president, who will discuss ethics rules, including Model Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4, 2.1, and 5.2. Join our panel of experts as they:

•Examine effects of bullying in the bar
•Explore effective neutralization actions
•Explore dealing with difficult judges
•Explain why the problem persists

Additional sponsors are the: Center for Professional Development, Center For Professional Responsibility, Law Practice Division, and Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division.

Register now!

The Science of Happiness, a free 10-week online course offered by The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, begins Tuesday, September 9th. As a reminder, it is designed to “explore the roots of a happy and meaningful life” and will include:

• Short videos featuring the co-instructors and guest lectures from top experts on the science of happiness;
• Articles and other readings that make the science accessible and understandable to non-academics;
• Weekly “happiness practices”—real-world exercises that students can try on their own, all based on research linking these practices to greater happiness;
• Tests, quizzes, polls, and a weekly “emotion check-in” that help students gauge their happiness and track their progress over time; and
• Discussion boards where students can share ideas with one another and submit questions to their instructor.

There’s still time to register!


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