New Self-Assessment Tool to Encourage Self-Referral

The current issue of the Ohio Lawyer magazine features a cover story titled, “Warning signs: The dangers of attorney stress.” The article notes the development of a new web-based self-assessment tool designed to encourage self-referral. The tool is being developed by the Ohio Lawyer Assistance Program (OLAP) with the support of the Ohio State Bar Foundation. The author explains that despite nearly 100 presentations a year to inform the legal community about OLAP, stigma and fear of a damaged reputation continue to create barriers to treatment. The new tool seeks to alleviate some of those concerns by offering a lawyer-specific self-inventory and self-directed education learning modules. As former CoLAP member and OLAP executive director Scott Mote says about the new tool, “In the privacy of one’s offices barriers can be breached…”

Access the article here, written by Reginald S. Jackson Jr., President of the Board of OLAP

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