GPSOLO’s Bumps in the Road for Young Lawyers

In case you missed it, the May/June 2015 GPSOLO Publication was dedicated to “Bumps in the Road for Young Lawyers,” and included a series of articles on addiction and wellness. Some features and columns you’ll find are:

How to Avoid a (Less than) Spectacular Burnout in Your Law Practice, By Shawn Healy

Ten Ways Successful Lawyers Respond to Career Setbacks, By Jeena Cho

Reviving Your Legal Career in the Wake of Addiction, By Ann M. Israel

Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Going Solo Isn’t an Option, By Patrick R. Krill

I Got Your Back: Recognizing and Helping Addicted Colleagues, By Robin Belleau, Tony Pacione

Anonymity or Disclosure? The Choice I Made about My Alcoholism, By Sarah L. Krauss

Signs and Symptoms: Knowing How They’re Different Can Make a Difference, By Patricia Spataro

GP MENTOR: Helping a Colleague over the Bumps, By Rodney S. Dowell

TECHNO ETHICS: Smoothing the Bumps in the Road for Young Lawyers, By James Ellis Arden

READY RESOURCES: Ready Resources for Bumps in the Road: ABA books and web resources for advice on handling your own bumps in the road.

Check out the entire publication here.

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