A Special Report on the Mental Health of Law Students – The National Law Journal

The National Law Journal has just issued a “Special Report” dedicated to law student mental health. It includes the following feature articles:

Schools Tackle Mental Health
Legal educators are starting to recognize they must do more to help students navigate those often stressful three years and better assist those struggling with mental health and substance-abuse issues — of which law students suffer at uncommonly high rates.

Yale Law Students Lobby for Better Services
The Mental Health Alliance campus group has shed light on problems, resulting in more therapists.

Law School Helps Students Stay Emotionally Fit
Texas Tech’s mental health program includes mandatory meetings for all first years.

Professors’ Candor About Problems Aids Students
Being up-front about mental health struggles helps undercut secrecy and shame sufferers may feel.

Stereotypes and Stigmas Threaten Bar Admission
Law graduates with mental health diagnoses must undergo “character and fitness” evaluations.

(Descriptions of articles are those from The National Law Journal)

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