Two Noteworthy Webinars: Implicit Bias, Cognitive Decline in the Legal Profession

Competency and Cognitive Decline in the Legal Profession: Ethical Pitfalls Encountered by Lawyers with Diminished Capacity

ABA Webinar | May 9, 2018 | 1-2:30pm ET

The effects of aging can cause changes in mental processes and physical functioning. Our panel will explore these changes and provide practical advice on what lawyers should do when they see impairment such as dementia or other similar issues in colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, or even themselves.

Brought to you by the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility, discussion topics will include:

  • Understanding the effects of aging on the human brain
  • How to recognize some of the signs of diminished capacity
  • The practical and ethical considerations for intervention
  • Advice on how to facilitate discussion with the impaired person (or others who can help)
  • Resources and ways to locate assistance in your area
  • The importance of succession planning, and resources to help you develop or review your own succession plans

The Changing Face of Law: The Ethical Implications of Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession

ABA Webinar | May 24, 2018 | 1-2:30pm ET

Our panelists will discuss diversity in the profession, the ethical rules that are implicated by diversity and inclusion policies, and how implicit biases and stereotypes affect how we perceive people who are different. The panel will also share strategies on how to interrupt bias and address diversity challenges in the workplace. This topic will help increase a lawyer’s professional competence as an attorney, understanding of ethical obligations, and is related directly to the practice of law.

Brought to you by the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.

Many find it difficult to engage in discussions about racial and ethnic differences. At the same time, the demographics of our country and our workplaces have shifted dramatically. Lawyers, who have long served the public, need to better understand diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, and implicit bias in order to ethically and professionally serve their increasingly diverse clients.

The expert speakers will identify and discuss the Model Rules of Professional Conduct that impact diversity and inclusion issues in the practice of law, including Model Rules 1.1, 1.4, and 8.4(g).


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